Negative Spirits Are Attracted to Abuse Victims

I have found over the last couple of years that really negative spirits: rapists, child molesters, wife beaters; seem to be in the homes of people who have experienced past abuse. A fair number of people with bad spirit problems have admitted to being physically and/or sexually abused in their younger days. They give off an energy that attracts these particular spirits. I liken it to a “victim energy” that emanates from them, particularly if they have never had any counselling or assistance for their abuse.

There are those who call these nasty spirits, demons. They are not demons, (I personally do not believe in the concept of demons) they are simply people who have died and not crossed over and are just as evil in spirit as they were in body. They do everything from touching, pushing and whispering to appearing as black forms and horrifying visages.

When I come in contact with these spirits they very rarely communicate anything to me except threats and trying to appear frightening. They can’t do anything to me and I’m not scared so they can’t feed off my energy. The majority of these type of spirits do not want to voluntarily go into the light, but they have no choice because a higher power takes over and literally either pulls them in or vacuums them in to the light. The expressions I have seen on their faces are priceless – shock, surprise, and disbelief.

The people who are getting these spirits in their homes find it hard to believe sometimes that the spirits are gone and can be overly paranoid about noises and incidents that happen days after the removal. They need to get on with their life and not dwell on the past activity. If they haven’t faced their abuse problems or at least try to seek counselling, they can eventually wind up attracting another nasty spirit into their home.



  1. I understand why some of the folks you help find it hard to believe that your work has actually worked! I was still major stressed the day after your guys helped me out. By the time you guys show up, it has typically been months or years of living with the activity, so to completely relax the very next day is difficult. I think it just takes a bit of time to trust that all is well and ‘right’ again. If the continued stress goes on for longer than a day or two, then I agree that could be a problem. Maybe tell your clients that they need to learn to trust again, and that it is normal to be a bit wary in the days following? Again, more than a few days would be problematic – I agree.

  2. It’s an odd statement to make that I would have an overabundance of pride, yet be insecure. I have the greatest empathy for all the people whose home I have been in and who have gone through previous abuse. Many of them still have issues, but haven’t gone to get any therapy or assistance. They project this which is what these particular spirits latch onto. I can get rid of the spirit they currently have there, but their energy will bring another one in unless they get some help. I give them contact numbers for professionals which many of them are very happy to have.
    When I say the people “need to get on with their life and not dwell on the past activity” I mean the spirit activity that has been bothering them, not their abuse.
    I don’t see where the pride thing or insecurity comes into that with what I do. Maybe I addressed this issue a little too factually instead of more empathy and that makes me appear as a swollen-headed spirit rescuer. But I do feel good that I have at least helped the person with that spirit that was abusing them and upsetting their day to day living.

  3. i have spirital pest they touch my right sole of feet and top of head also grome my hair on my head would like to get rid of them. any help please thank you.

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