His and Hearse

One of the hearses at the HearseCon in Denver

My husband Ben, friends Robb, Lynn, Marshal and myself, drove down to Denver Colorado to join in HearseCon. Robb had been there before and told us stories of fantastic looking hearses and interesting, crazy hearse people. We had to go!
It was a very good time had by all. The first afternoon was the meet and greet in a park where they played a game involving funeral flags. Later, we went to some unmentionable Mexican restaurant that was set up like an adult Chuckie Cheese but had way more “cheese” and you felt like doing a chuckie in the toilet. My stomach took a couple of days to recover. After supper we returned to the parking lot to gawk at everybody else’s hearse.
The next day it was breakfast at IHop restaurant which we don’t have in Canada. Yummy pancakes to pile on top of the bad Mexican food. Then it was show and shine at the parking lot of a popular lounge. 51 hearses showed up from around the US and 3 hearses from Canuck land.

Zach with his hearse Alexi and our hearse Nocturna

The next day was the wrap-up at Riverside Cemetery where we had a potluck picnic. It was a very relaxing time and of course I ate too much. I took at least 80+ pics at the cemetery and said goodbye to new friends. Promising of course, we would see each other next year.
The man who runs HearseCon is Zach – Zachary Helm from Engelwood, Colorado. He is a wonderful host and took us shopping on our last day there. I bought some great high heel zombie shoes.
The weather in Colorado was beautiful, and driving back to Alberta, we ended up being followed by a tornado and flash flood weather in Montana. But Nocturna drove great and we returned safe and hearse-obsessed.  You can view more HearseCon pics at this link:

Alexi on Fire


I Love Cemeteries & This One’s a Beauty

Riverside Cemetery in Denver, Colorado, is a beautiful collection of memorial statues, wild grasses and gnarled, dead trees. We were at the cemetery because of the Denver HearseCon. We celebrated the last day having a picnic there.

The spirits that showed up really appreciated our group having a potluck picnic there. The one female spirit commented that she wished more people would come and do this. Another spirit talked about the wind and how it was usually windy there most of the time.

The peace and beauty of the cemetery created a special day and an appreciation of life. Here’s a link to the album:


Scary???? You Bet

Paul Sveen's Comedy Class Students

I deal with the paranormal almost everyday and I don’t think of it as a scary thing like most people do. However, I did venture into something really scary in the last month and a half – stand-up comedy. Yes. I blame my inactivity on this blog on stand-up. It’s very different going on stage and talking about strange and true things that have happened to you that are funny, rather than talking about paranormal experiences. It’s fun and exhilarating.

Also the parade season has started here in Alberta. My husband and I and our hearses and friends have been in 3 parades so far.  Parades are not scary; we might look scary. We are representing The Paranormal Explorers, dEdmonton, and the Edmonton Bonewagon Association.

Stand-up comedy can definitely be something out of your comfort level. I am hoping to incorporate my paranormal experiences into some comedy sets. I am not sure how, but I’m going to try. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to contact people who need our help, so I apologise to everyone who has written or phoned.

Here is a short documentary that was made of the stand-up comedy class I was in. I am the one talking about women peeing. Scary-Funny???


Rona and Ben Go to Victoria to Look for Ghosts

John Adams & Ben Myckan, Fellow Ghosthunters

Fan Tan Alley

In March 2006, Ben and I went to Victoria, B.C. for a vacation and a chance to check out all the haunted places it has. We stayed in the Bedford Regency, for 2 nights in the suite that is purported to be haunted by a woman ( a mobster’s girlfriend). I felt no presence of a woman there but did get an interesting picture in the sitting room of something… There definitely was a presence in the hallway, however. I constantly heard things going on, such as footsteps outside and someone near the door, and then when I would go to the door to look, nothing was there.

 We took a walking ghost tour with historian and author John Adams, and also had the privilege of attending his Ghost Dinner on the Princess Mary boat turned into restaurant. We had some amazing luck with dowsing rods which went absolutely crazy in the kitchen area. Our one picture of the lady sitting at our table ended up revealing a man seated behind her, which was amazing because everyone was accounted for and no one was sitting back in that area.

 We shared some of our ghost hunting experiences with the people at the dinner and displayed the gadgets and tools we use.

 The Maritime Museum of British Columbia dominates Bastion Square in the heart of Old Town. Once the site of public hangings, the museum is open daily, and the ghost of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, the “hanging judge,” is often seen.

 Rogers Chocolates at 913 Government Street in Old Town is a National Historic Site. It is also Victoria’s oldest, most famous and most haunted chocolate shop. The owners say look for the ghosts of Charles and Leah Rogers, the founders, who often slept in the kitchen of their old store and who reputedly never left. Great chocolate!

 Old Morris Tobacconists, 1116 Government Street, is a heritage building that contains its original polished wood cabinets, onyx pillars and leaded glass entrance dome. It is haunted by the ghost of a former employee, who died suddenly in the upstairs workshop. His footsteps and the sound of cupboard doors opening and closing are often heard when no one is upstairs. It’s a wonderful shop and the owner and staff are very friendly. You can ask them questions about their ghost with whom they are very protective of. Ben bought me a beautiful Meerschaum pipe with a carved lion’s head and a mythological type body.

 Bastion Square and Helmcken Alley in the heart of Victoria’s Old Town is the most haunted part of Victoria. Almost every building around the historic square has a ghost or two. The Maritime Museum of British Columbia, located in the old Supreme Court building, is said to be the most haunted of them all due to the fact is was built on the site of the city’s first gallows and many of the men who were hanged still lie buried beneath its foundations. Helmcken Alley leads away from Bastion Square and has the reputation for being just as haunted.

 On our tour, John led us to a back alley of a large building. I can’t remember the history of it now but when we took pictures, a weird hand shape appeared on a window. It looked like a hand, but upside down.

 Market Square and Chinatown have many stories of ghosts and the supernatural. Their secret tunnels are probably only myths, but their hauntings are very real. Fan Tan Alley was unusual to walk through and it has quaint little shops to visit. It does give off the strange feelings of pirates who could have walked down these dark narrow alleyways. I was drawn to the window of an abandoned lobby and looking through it, I sensed a boy’s spirit playing around the fountain in the lobby. This was a window in an alley near the Fan Tan alley. I don’t know what building I was looking into from the back, but it looked like no one used it anymore.

 Ghostly Walks with John Adams, explores the haunted alleys and courtyards of downtown Victoria. These popular 90-minute walks take place all year, with extra tours for the Ghosts of Victoria Festival. It’s a fun experience and John is one of the best Ghost/Historical tour guides in Canada, so don’t miss it!

To make a booking or inquiry, please contact John Adams at:   Tel: (250) 384-6698;    Fax: (250) 384-2833

634 Battery St., Victoria, B.C., Canada   V8V 1E5

http://www.discoverthepast.com/   discoverthepast@telus.net

Enlarged Picture of Male Spirit at Ghost Dinner

Ghost Dinner In Princess Mary with Male Spirit under arrow

John Adams Touring Princess Mary

Ben on Princess Mary's Upper Floor

Ghost Tour led by John Adams, Ben in forefront with hat

Window Showing No Hand

Window With Hand On It

Enlargement of Hand In Window

Building With Spirit Orb

Ben Going Into Haunted Tunnel


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