How Do You Know If Your House Is Haunted?

As a paranormal investigator and spirit remover, I get e-mails and messages from people about what’s going on in their house. A lot of them start with “You’re going to think I’m crazy but…” Of course they are not crazy. (with the exception of the ones who are hearing hundreds of voices which is usually a psychological thing) But, they are being driven crazy with the weird activities taking place in their own house.
Everyone has an instinct about when something isn’t quite right in their home. You feel something is watching you or you are not alone.

Here are some of the signs that people have had that tells them there’s something else in their house besides leftovers and pets…

  • Items that belong to you have gone unexplainably missing or they show up in places that you would never have put them.
  • You hear noises that have no rational explanation to them like moaning, whispering, scratching, and your name being called by someone unrecognizable.
  • You feel something brush by you like cold air or a jello-like feeling.
  • You feel something touch you or pull your hair and no one is there. Or, you have a “cobwebby” feeling on your face or arms and yet there are no spider webs around.
  • You see images, usually shadow-like; go by, out of the corner of your eye. Some people see mist-like formations in the room or, very rarely, glowing round floating balls of energy termed “orbs”.
  • The temperature in an area or a room becomes unusually cold for no reason. Even turning on the fireplace or furnace does nothing to warm that area up. If you see your breath you know you haven’t paid your gas bill, you’re in the presence of a strong spirit, or,  you’re in the “Exorcist”. Sometimes there is an opposite change where the temperature goes up 10 degrees and heats up the room.
  • Your pets or children will not stay or go into a certain room. They usually have the capabilities of seeing ghosts, unlike most adults who are in a state of disbelief, denial or just not sensitive enough.
  • Unusual conflicts that come up between people and odd changes in personality; insomnia because you feel something is going to happen if you close your eyes. Some people are awoken between 3:00 and 3:30 am by spirits. I don’t know why that is such a special time for them. I think it comes down to your psychic portal being more open because you are physically relaxed and have hit a certain REM state.
  • Feeling ill but you don’t know what is making you sick. Strange or disgusting smells that are coming from closets, basements, bedrooms and there is no rotting garbage or any other rational explanations for the smell. We have to be careful with this one because there are too many real physical things that could be causing it.
  • My favorite one is a person waking up in bed and looking up towards the ceiling and seeing a spirit hovering over them. I’m sure that scares the bejeezus out of anyone. I’ve seen one standing in the corner of a bedroom in the night, when I was seventeen. I was wide awake. It was almost 7 feet high, dressed in a black coat and hat and I couldn’t see any face.  Eeeew. That particular thing would never disturb me now, but back then I almost wet the bed.
    You have to be 100% awake for that because in our sleep states we can rise to a certain level of sleep where we are barely conscious and see weird forms that aren’t there and have a paralysis of our body. That’s not paranormal.

Our Adorable Orbs

Enlarged Orb

In all the investigations into the paranormal we have done, the most exciting evidence is usually the capture of orbs on film and EVP’s on digital. There is a division in the paranormal investigating community as to the veracity that orbs are or are not souls or spirits. I lean toward the belief that they are indeed souls of the departed, and the evidence on video and digital sound files have solidified that belief for me.

We (The Paranormal Explorers) are usually talking to them as we are shooting video or taking pictures and digital voice recordings. We have even asked if they would please form some ectoplasm for us to see; and seconds after, a white cloudy mass formed right in front of the infrared video camera.

Tyrrell Museum Orb

I often talk to spirits as I am traveling outside or in a building, and ask if they would kindly let me take their picture. The small LED screen on the camera doesn’t always show if I have activity captured on the digital camera, and at times I admit I get very frustrated. But when the camera finally gets downloaded into the computer, then all the great pictures come out with various paranormal activity. And the pictures have coincided with my plea to the spirits to let me capture them on digital. No, I have never begged. Jeez.

Colored Orbs in Edmonton Cemetery

An Example of Snow Not Orbs

We  have always carefully analyzed the pictures to make sure the orbs were not dust, insects, moisture, atmospheric conditions like snow, spores or pollen, or light refractions.

Every time, these factors get eliminated when the pictures are enlarged and examined, and the location also is taken into consideration. I have been fortunate enough to see orbs with my own naked eye fly by my feet or my head, and they bear no resemblance to dust or any kind of insect. They are perfectly round balls of energy that are infinitely larger than insects. Some of them are the size of a baseball all the way up to basketball size. And colors! All kinds of colors of which I don’t know what each one represents. Chakra energy? Mood colors?

One parapsychologist (who will remain nameless), suggested that I am creating all of these orbs with my mind, that he did not feel they were spirits or anything truly paranormal. I stated that it would be impossible for me to create orbs with animal and human faces in them, and the dozens of orbs that travel at varying speeds towards our infrared lens in different sizes and brightness levels. He did seem taken aback by the statement we had caught orbs with faces in them on picture and video.

Orb With OpeningSuper Enlarged Orb

 I believe that orbs are vehicles for spirit energies. They are similar to atomic particles with the aura and mass inside. The puzzling thing I’m coming across now is seeing orbs with these openings. I don’t know what they are, but I’m going to try and explore this further.

Orb With Opening

The Freaky Penhold Poltergeists

January 28th, 2009   
Penhold, Alberta

We were doing an investigation in a house in Penhold where a couple and their 7 month old baby were experiencing some paranormal activity. They had been in the house for 5 months. It was built in 1980 but there was no history of former owners. Before the investigation, I had been called by the wife and told of paranormal activity happening and wondering if I could get rid of the spirits that were bothering her and her family. She noticed scratches, very deep, on her back which she couldn’t have made herself, and her husband apparently had not done it either. She could hear talking in her ear at night, crying noises from an adult coming from her baby’s room at night, and gross vomiting sounds. Black shadow figures were seen and she could hear something walking around upstairs when they were all downstairs.

I decided to do a remote spirit removal from Edmonton for them. A remote removal is when I can’t be at that exact location, so I need to do it at home. I place myself in a meditative state, ask for protection from my angels and spirit guides and am able to see the spirit(s) causing the trouble. I saw an older male named Roger, who had been a farmer in the 1940’s to 1960’s. He used to kick the crap out of his wife and any animals on the farm that got in his way like the cats or dogs. They never had children because she always miscarried from the physical abuse. He would literally kick her in the abdominal area when she was pregnant. What a human monster. I was able to get him to go into the light and thought the problems at their house would be solved. Not so.

We were contacted again by this woman and told other things were happening and she was scared for herself and her children and she didn’t know what to do. The husband was not experiencing anything. It was apparently getting progressively worse, so we went down to do an investigation and remove whatever spirits were in the house.

We were joined on our investigation by our friends April, who is a psychic medium, and her husband Matt. We took our infrared video camera system, digital voice recorder, various digital cameras and our Gauss and EMF meters. Ben set up the video equipment with Matt and April and I went around the house trying to pick up what energies were there. We picked up on 2 male spirits, very negative, involved in some nasty practices. I could feel a circle like a pentagram that had been marked on the laundry room floor and erased off. I picked up on the fact that these young males were torturing and killing neighbourhood animals, taking illegal drugs, and trying to find power in a negative magick practice. Namely, black. Oooh, bad, bad, bad.

April could feel the one spirit and she didn’t like it. She said he was peeking in the basement at us. I could see his image; he was tall and thin and very nervous (like a tweaker on meth), early 20’s, medium brown hair, no facial hair, jeans, army green colored jacket. He was scared of me and curious about what April and I were doing.

I was trying to pick up on the second spirit. April couldn’t pick him up. Then I briefly saw his image. I knew he was overweight, had a bit of a moustache and sparse beard, black hair, pasty complexion, sloppily dressed, but I was getting a cloud of black fly-like things surrounding him preventing a proper psychic view.

At the time of this investigation, only the husband was present with us in the house. Our infrared video picked up some spirit orb activity and also this weird ethereal ribbon-like anomaly. I have never seen anything like this in all the years we have been investigating. It was undulating as it was traveling.

The moment April and I were in the basement in the process of removing the 2 male spirits, upstairs, the husband informed Ben and Matt he had 2 voice messages on his cell phone with no display number. The phone never rang and he was shocked when he retrieved the messages. He told us we needed to listen to them right away. The male spirits were trying very hard to scare the homeowner from removing them from his house. The sounds on each message were unholy male screaming, separate male voices on the messages. We did try to take into consideration that maybe some of this guy’s work colleagues were trying to play a trick on him. But the sounds are not physically human and for anyone to coordinate it with the exact time we were trying to remove the spirits would have been near impossible. The screams sound like they come from HELL. I don’t believe in Hell or demons, but I guess they were making their own hell on earth for themselves.

Before April and I heard these messages, we were still in the basement and I was trying to send the spirits into the light. The skinny one went into the light okay, I think he had always stayed because he was worried about consequences for the awful things he did when he was physical bodied.

The larger male was difficult to deal with. I asked for higher powers to give me direction on what to do. I was told to encircle him with a lasso of light and “they” would pull him in for us. When I conjured the rope of light, the spirit immediately turned into this huge, gross undulating mess of green goo gel. It was like a giant caterpillar moving. The huge rope light surrounded the entire wormy caterpillar thing. I didn’t say anything at the time, and April said she felt a gooey gel mess go by. Nice validation for what I had seen. I explained to her what this unearthly thing had looked like and how it moved into the light.

We went up to the living room and that was when they played the phone messages for us and then we both digitally voice recorded and video recorded the messages. This is what was in the basement with us. Was I scared? No. They couldn’t have harmed us and they were actually scared of ME. Ha ha.

Here`s the sound file:

Rona and Ben Go to Victoria to Look for Ghosts

John Adams & Ben Myckan, Fellow Ghosthunters

Fan Tan Alley

In March 2006, Ben and I went to Victoria, B.C. for a vacation and a chance to check out all the haunted places it has. We stayed in the Bedford Regency, for 2 nights in the suite that is purported to be haunted by a woman ( a mobster’s girlfriend). I felt no presence of a woman there but did get an interesting picture in the sitting room of something… There definitely was a presence in the hallway, however. I constantly heard things going on, such as footsteps outside and someone near the door, and then when I would go to the door to look, nothing was there.

 We took a walking ghost tour with historian and author John Adams, and also had the privilege of attending his Ghost Dinner on the Princess Mary boat turned into restaurant. We had some amazing luck with dowsing rods which went absolutely crazy in the kitchen area. Our one picture of the lady sitting at our table ended up revealing a man seated behind her, which was amazing because everyone was accounted for and no one was sitting back in that area.

 We shared some of our ghost hunting experiences with the people at the dinner and displayed the gadgets and tools we use.

 The Maritime Museum of British Columbia dominates Bastion Square in the heart of Old Town. Once the site of public hangings, the museum is open daily, and the ghost of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, the “hanging judge,” is often seen.

 Rogers Chocolates at 913 Government Street in Old Town is a National Historic Site. It is also Victoria’s oldest, most famous and most haunted chocolate shop. The owners say look for the ghosts of Charles and Leah Rogers, the founders, who often slept in the kitchen of their old store and who reputedly never left. Great chocolate!

 Old Morris Tobacconists, 1116 Government Street, is a heritage building that contains its original polished wood cabinets, onyx pillars and leaded glass entrance dome. It is haunted by the ghost of a former employee, who died suddenly in the upstairs workshop. His footsteps and the sound of cupboard doors opening and closing are often heard when no one is upstairs. It’s a wonderful shop and the owner and staff are very friendly. You can ask them questions about their ghost with whom they are very protective of. Ben bought me a beautiful Meerschaum pipe with a carved lion’s head and a mythological type body.

 Bastion Square and Helmcken Alley in the heart of Victoria’s Old Town is the most haunted part of Victoria. Almost every building around the historic square has a ghost or two. The Maritime Museum of British Columbia, located in the old Supreme Court building, is said to be the most haunted of them all due to the fact is was built on the site of the city’s first gallows and many of the men who were hanged still lie buried beneath its foundations. Helmcken Alley leads away from Bastion Square and has the reputation for being just as haunted.

 On our tour, John led us to a back alley of a large building. I can’t remember the history of it now but when we took pictures, a weird hand shape appeared on a window. It looked like a hand, but upside down.

 Market Square and Chinatown have many stories of ghosts and the supernatural. Their secret tunnels are probably only myths, but their hauntings are very real. Fan Tan Alley was unusual to walk through and it has quaint little shops to visit. It does give off the strange feelings of pirates who could have walked down these dark narrow alleyways. I was drawn to the window of an abandoned lobby and looking through it, I sensed a boy’s spirit playing around the fountain in the lobby. This was a window in an alley near the Fan Tan alley. I don’t know what building I was looking into from the back, but it looked like no one used it anymore.

 Ghostly Walks with John Adams, explores the haunted alleys and courtyards of downtown Victoria. These popular 90-minute walks take place all year, with extra tours for the Ghosts of Victoria Festival. It’s a fun experience and John is one of the best Ghost/Historical tour guides in Canada, so don’t miss it!

To make a booking or inquiry, please contact John Adams at:   Tel: (250) 384-6698;    Fax: (250) 384-2833

634 Battery St., Victoria, B.C., Canada   V8V 1E5

Enlarged Picture of Male Spirit at Ghost Dinner

Ghost Dinner In Princess Mary with Male Spirit under arrow

John Adams Touring Princess Mary

Ben on Princess Mary's Upper Floor

Ghost Tour led by John Adams, Ben in forefront with hat

Window Showing No Hand

Window With Hand On It

Enlargement of Hand In Window

Building With Spirit Orb

Ben Going Into Haunted Tunnel

Where Alberta’s Bluebeard Lived

Edmonton’s Arlington Apartments

10524 – 100 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

The South Facade of the Arlington Apts. After Fire

This red brick 5-story building was a fixture in Edmonton for a century until it succumbed to a crippling fire and eventually, demolition. Built just before WWI in 1909, the Arlington purportedly housed Edmonton’s first serial killer James “Bluebeard” P. Watson, who lived in the Arlington from 1914 to 1918. He admitted to killing nine of his 20 victims during the same period. He resided in Suite 14.

Watson ran a collection agency in Edmonton from 1914 to 1918. His love letters were found in a storage locker at the Arlington and were used as evidence in his trial in California where he was ultimately incarcerated.

In the 80’s, a group of practicing black magic witches allegedly lived in the building and were evicted from their apartments. A building supervisor was downstairs in the boiler room after the group left and apparently found little hex dolls of everyone in the building, with something personal from each of the tenants bound to the dolls. It was reportedly in a hidden panel in the wall. You wonder what they were so pissed off about or maybe they just had no sense of humor with their neighbors.

Ghosts of an elderly couple were spotted entering the elevator that sometimes didn’t work. They would enter the elevator and it wouldn’t go anywhere. When the doors were opened, no one was present inside. No one knew if they were previous residents or just a couple of fun elevator-riding ghosts.

The Arlington Apartments suffered a suspicious fire on April 5th, 2005 and eventually in 2008 it was torn down when it was deemed unsaveable. Since it was a historical building, it was very sad to see it go. I never had the chance to enter it, but I did take photos at night, and had some unusual phenomena. It felt as though there was a couple of beings watching through the windows. The hoofed beastie thing in the picture is just one of those odd spirits that could be there because of the negative witchcraft in the apartments.

It’s too bad I can’t find more information about Mr. Watson and his nasty activities. That’s a piece of history there should be more about. 

I would have loved to be able to have conducted a paranormal investigation in the Arlington. I have no doubt we would have come up with some amazing stuff.

Enlarged Portion Showing Odd Hoofed Image


Werewolves of London

In the spring of 2005, my husband Ben and I flew to London, England to visit my sister and also go to the Edinburgh Ghost Fest. We had a great time visiting Highgate Cemetery, Tower of London, Bath, Cambridge, and other parts of England. Scotland was beautiful and I felt extremely comfortable in Edinburgh. (Scotland story to come later) I did not, however, feel that comfort in the middle of London.

Because I was going through some work issues and was emotionally on edge, I was extremely empathic and picking up on all kinds of crap coming out of people on buses, malls, sidewalks; and the worse: the Tube.

The Underground Tube is a place loaded with different energies, and weird happenings. Lots of history and mazes of tunnels. I think in the beginning, I was just having motion sickness with the train lurching from side to side as it would speed up the line. We had to use it to get around to whatever we wanted to see in London. Ben wasn’t bothered in the least riding on the Tube and my sister had been riding it for the last 20 some years.

One evening, after walking around different areas of London, trying to keep up with my hyper-speed walking sister, we took the Tube back to her flat to have supper. We sat 3 in a row on the seats and the way the Tube train is, you’re sitting on one huge long bench-like seating facing another one on the opposite side. I was opposite 3 businessmen in a row who were reading newspapers. They were dressed in suits, nothing unusual really about their appearance.

One of the men, for some reason, I kept looking at. I don’t know if I had a sense something was very off with this guy or I just needed something to focus on. In the space of a millisecond, this guy looked up from his paper and made eye contact with me. He had light brown irises but with this weird red pupil and red encircling the brown iris. They looked like Halloween contacts. They were not contacts.

The problem was, I couldn’t figure out if I was physically seeing this or psychically getting sent this picture. What I did know in that split second is that he knew I saw his eyes and that I knew he was not a normal man. He was a ”werewolf”’, not the legendary kind, but a human monster who did bad things to people. That second he looked up and met my eyes, he quickly looked back down at his paper and never looked up again. I just stared at him until we reached our stop.

I did try to tell Ben and my sister Corey what I saw while we were on the train, but I’m not sure what they thought considering my mental state. I know what I saw and I can’t make people believe this if they don’t want to. But there are people in this world who are inherently evil and sometimes we are able to glimpse that in unusual, albeit beyond ordinary ways.

Barbara Ann

Oh bah bah bah bah Barbara Ann, take my hand, bah bah bah bah Barbara Ann. (Barbara Ann  Credits: Fassert, Fred (Songwriter); SONGS OF WINDSWEPT PACIFIC (Publisher)

That was the song this spirit was singing when I encountered him in a house where a mother and daughter lives. They had asked for a spirit removal because their TV was turning on and off by itself, things would mysteriously disappear, and they felt the spirit was watching them. There was some weird growling noises. Apparently the ghost also did not like them having closed doors in the house so they would pop open by themselves. Why doors would matter to a dead guy is very strange. Anyway, they were unnerved and wanted him gone.

I decided to go into the basement to see if I could get in touch with whomever had made itself at home.  I go into a meditative state and ask my spirit guides and my angels to protect me and help me send the spirit into the light.

Very quickly I saw the spirit of a tall man, black curly hair in a pompadour-like style, huge smile with large teeth, white socks, loafers, tight black pants and a plaid jacket. He was singing “Barbara Ann” and dancing on the spot. I could see he wasn’t a malicious spirit and he was there because of something in the house that had to do with 50’s-60’s music. I spoke to him and told him he needed to go into the light that was opening up to him. He remarked “Oh, that’s so bright!” He slicked his hair back and adjusted his outfit and danced into the light.

I thought that went rather well when all of a sudden these 4 crawly black imp things came out of the wall. I’d never seen these type of things before, they were only 6 inches high. I surrounded them with a lasso of white light and they were pulled up and into the light. I don’t know why they were there or what they were, but I decided to tell the ladies only about the Buddy Holly looking spirit and nothing about the black crawlies.

I went up to the kitchen where the mom and daughter were and described the spirit to them and stressing that he was singing and dancing . I then asked if they ever played a lot of 50’s and 60’s music. The reaction was instant. The mom told me she taught piano lessons and there was music going on in their house every day. The difference was that she did not teach classical piano, she actually taught music from those 2 eras! It explained why he liked to be there and really enjoyed listening every day to their music. She said it felt sometimes like someone was sitting on the piano bench with her when she played. I told them that he would have also been dancing around them with the music playing. It seemed to make him less scary and more understandable.

He never meant to ever scare or bother anyone, he just wanted to perform, sing, dance, and be a part of something. Why he had never crossed over is a mystery, he never divulged that to me. The kooky spooky thing that happened as I was getting picked up from their house by my husband Ben in Nocturna, our black hearse, is the doorbell ringing. Thinking it was Ben, I opened their front door and looked out. There was no one there. Ben was sitting in the hearse waiting for me, but had never left the hearse. Even if he had tried to do it, he could never had run up to the door and made it back to the hearse in time in between the doorbell ringing and me opening the door so quickly.

It’s still a mystery I can’t answer.