I Love Cemeteries & This One’s a Beauty

Riverside Cemetery in Denver, Colorado, is a beautiful collection of memorial statues, wild grasses and gnarled, dead trees. We were at the cemetery because of the Denver HearseCon. We celebrated the last day having a picnic there.

The spirits that showed up really appreciated our group having a potluck picnic there. The one female spirit commented that she wished more people would come and do this. Another spirit talked about the wind and how it was usually windy there most of the time.

The peace and beauty of the cemetery created a special day and an appreciation of life. Here’s a link to the album:



Our Adorable Orbs

Enlarged Orb

In all the investigations into the paranormal we have done, the most exciting evidence is usually the capture of orbs on film and EVP’s on digital. There is a division in the paranormal investigating community as to the veracity that orbs are or are not souls or spirits. I lean toward the belief that they are indeed souls of the departed, and the evidence on video and digital sound files have solidified that belief for me.

We (The Paranormal Explorers) are usually talking to them as we are shooting video or taking pictures and digital voice recordings. We have even asked if they would please form some ectoplasm for us to see; and seconds after, a white cloudy mass formed right in front of the infrared video camera.

Tyrrell Museum Orb

I often talk to spirits as I am traveling outside or in a building, and ask if they would kindly let me take their picture. The small LED screen on the camera doesn’t always show if I have activity captured on the digital camera, and at times I admit I get very frustrated. But when the camera finally gets downloaded into the computer, then all the great pictures come out with various paranormal activity. And the pictures have coincided with my plea to the spirits to let me capture them on digital. No, I have never begged. Jeez.

Colored Orbs in Edmonton Cemetery

An Example of Snow Not Orbs

We  have always carefully analyzed the pictures to make sure the orbs were not dust, insects, moisture, atmospheric conditions like snow, spores or pollen, or light refractions.

Every time, these factors get eliminated when the pictures are enlarged and examined, and the location also is taken into consideration. I have been fortunate enough to see orbs with my own naked eye fly by my feet or my head, and they bear no resemblance to dust or any kind of insect. They are perfectly round balls of energy that are infinitely larger than insects. Some of them are the size of a baseball all the way up to basketball size. And colors! All kinds of colors of which I don’t know what each one represents. Chakra energy? Mood colors?

One parapsychologist (who will remain nameless), suggested that I am creating all of these orbs with my mind, that he did not feel they were spirits or anything truly paranormal. I stated that it would be impossible for me to create orbs with animal and human faces in them, and the dozens of orbs that travel at varying speeds towards our infrared lens in different sizes and brightness levels. He did seem taken aback by the statement we had caught orbs with faces in them on picture and video.

Orb With OpeningSuper Enlarged Orb

 I believe that orbs are vehicles for spirit energies. They are similar to atomic particles with the aura and mass inside. The puzzling thing I’m coming across now is seeing orbs with these openings. I don’t know what they are, but I’m going to try and explore this further.

Orb With Opening

Werewolves of London

In the spring of 2005, my husband Ben and I flew to London, England to visit my sister and also go to the Edinburgh Ghost Fest. We had a great time visiting Highgate Cemetery, Tower of London, Bath, Cambridge, and other parts of England. Scotland was beautiful and I felt extremely comfortable in Edinburgh. (Scotland story to come later) I did not, however, feel that comfort in the middle of London.

Because I was going through some work issues and was emotionally on edge, I was extremely empathic and picking up on all kinds of crap coming out of people on buses, malls, sidewalks; and the worse: the Tube.

The Underground Tube is a place loaded with different energies, and weird happenings. Lots of history and mazes of tunnels. I think in the beginning, I was just having motion sickness with the train lurching from side to side as it would speed up the line. We had to use it to get around to whatever we wanted to see in London. Ben wasn’t bothered in the least riding on the Tube and my sister had been riding it for the last 20 some years.

One evening, after walking around different areas of London, trying to keep up with my hyper-speed walking sister, we took the Tube back to her flat to have supper. We sat 3 in a row on the seats and the way the Tube train is, you’re sitting on one huge long bench-like seating facing another one on the opposite side. I was opposite 3 businessmen in a row who were reading newspapers. They were dressed in suits, nothing unusual really about their appearance.

One of the men, for some reason, I kept looking at. I don’t know if I had a sense something was very off with this guy or I just needed something to focus on. In the space of a millisecond, this guy looked up from his paper and made eye contact with me. He had light brown irises but with this weird red pupil and red encircling the brown iris. They looked like Halloween contacts. They were not contacts.

The problem was, I couldn’t figure out if I was physically seeing this or psychically getting sent this picture. What I did know in that split second is that he knew I saw his eyes and that I knew he was not a normal man. He was a ”werewolf”’, not the legendary kind, but a human monster who did bad things to people. That second he looked up and met my eyes, he quickly looked back down at his paper and never looked up again. I just stared at him until we reached our stop.

I did try to tell Ben and my sister Corey what I saw while we were on the train, but I’m not sure what they thought considering my mental state. I know what I saw and I can’t make people believe this if they don’t want to. But there are people in this world who are inherently evil and sometimes we are able to glimpse that in unusual, albeit beyond ordinary ways.