We All Got the Mojo

Let me explain how people see, hear or feel spirits. EVERYONE is PSYCHIC. Really, no kidding around. It’s from our caveman days. It’s our intuition, what kept us alive with all the dangers that were out there. We all have the capabilities to experience paranormal activity. But not everyone wants to and with some people they have their 6th sense blocked or closed off from day one. That’s okay.

I have found that very adamant skeptics are usually ones who will not go into a dark basement or a dark area that is supposed to be haunted. Are they scared of the dark? No. They are scared of the unknown. It’s a natural human reaction.

I have tried to get people who said they didn’t believe in ghosts to come with me into some creepy buildings or rooms and for some reason they say “I don’t need to go in there, nothing is going to happen anyway”. When I press them to go into to prove to them there are spirits inside, they have stated flat-out: “I don’t want to”.

There have been a couple of times when I played an especially creepy EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings to people who laughingly said, “Okay, let’s hear the ghost”. When you listen to something that’s not a physical being talk, scream or growl, you know that it’s not a live human. This one fellow’s face turned from a patient humoring one into someone who just saw Godzilla go by.  He said: “I don’t want to hear any more!!”. You know he’s not going to be talking to ghosts any time soon.

Here is a breakdown of how we receive the spirit energies:

1. CLAIRVOYANCE is when a person sees the spirit or knows who or what it is. Clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond the 5 senses like past or future events, spirits and other supernatural happenings. There are 2 ways a person has clairvoyance:

Objective clairvoyance is when a person is capable of literally seeing spirit entities that are unseen by others with their physical eyes. This is very uncommon.

Subjective clairvoyance is when a person sees entities, images, symbols and words in their mind. It can be a very quick and instantaneous impression.  It may occur with the eyes open or closed. It can come spontaneously or can be achieved through meditation. This is the predominant clairvoyance that people have.
2. CLAIRAUDIENCE is when the person hears the spirit speak. Sometimes it’s heard inside the head; sometimes it’s spoken aloud to them.
3. CLAIRSENTIENCE is when the medium senses the presence, thoughts and feelings of the spirit.

I’m sure smelling the spirits should come under its own category, but I’m not sure what that would be called. Because if you smell sulphurous farts or lavender perfume and you are the only one in the house, either your meal didn’t go very good with you or someone unseen just dropped in to test your sensory skills.


You Can’t See Them But We All Have Them

Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I received a phone call today from a woman whose house I had previously cleared of earthbound spirits. She was excited about a video she had. The video depicts lots of spirit orbs flying around in her house. She wanted me to come over to her house to see the video stating “you’re not going to believe what you see”.

I appreciated the fact that she wanted me to see the video and that there was a lot of spirit activity on it. The thing that this lady and many others don’t realise is that The Paranormal Explorers (my husband Ben and I) have 20+ videos with incredible spirit activity on them. The fact is in everyone’s home there is always a spirit or two drifting in and out of it.
In my own house we have set up the infrared video system and have Grand Central Station in the living room. Lots and lots of spirit orbs flying around. Nothing scary, just part of what the universe is about. If we could see what is actually around us in the metaphysical way, it would probably assault our mental faculties to the point where we would go crazy. This does not mean my house or other places are haunted. It just means lifestyle, psychic energies, and other factors attract free spirits to pop in and take a peek at what you’re doing.
Most of the time, I can see little wisps of things flying by while I sit in the living room watching TV. I have never had any negative spirits in my house, never anything scary happen. Just the usual spirit imitating my husband’s voice calling me, TV turning on and off, noises like items crashing down, things going missing and then reappearing or never appearing at all.
I try to explain to the people to whose place I go to investigate that there isn’t anything to be afraid of. When we set up the infrared video, the majority of the homes have spirit activity appear immediately on camera. When the homeowners view this, most seem to have a spiritual epiphany or awakening. It’s gratifying to see. Lots of “oooooos” and “ahhhhhhs” and excited “oh, look at that one” and “oh my god that’s incredible”. It allays their fears and creates understanding of the ‘unknown’.
And some of these spirits like being on camera. Cheeeeeeese.

Barbara Ann

Oh bah bah bah bah Barbara Ann, take my hand, bah bah bah bah Barbara Ann. (Barbara Ann  Credits: Fassert, Fred (Songwriter); SONGS OF WINDSWEPT PACIFIC (Publisher)

That was the song this spirit was singing when I encountered him in a house where a mother and daughter lives. They had asked for a spirit removal because their TV was turning on and off by itself, things would mysteriously disappear, and they felt the spirit was watching them. There was some weird growling noises. Apparently the ghost also did not like them having closed doors in the house so they would pop open by themselves. Why doors would matter to a dead guy is very strange. Anyway, they were unnerved and wanted him gone.

I decided to go into the basement to see if I could get in touch with whomever had made itself at home.  I go into a meditative state and ask my spirit guides and my angels to protect me and help me send the spirit into the light.

Very quickly I saw the spirit of a tall man, black curly hair in a pompadour-like style, huge smile with large teeth, white socks, loafers, tight black pants and a plaid jacket. He was singing “Barbara Ann” and dancing on the spot. I could see he wasn’t a malicious spirit and he was there because of something in the house that had to do with 50’s-60’s music. I spoke to him and told him he needed to go into the light that was opening up to him. He remarked “Oh, that’s so bright!” He slicked his hair back and adjusted his outfit and danced into the light.

I thought that went rather well when all of a sudden these 4 crawly black imp things came out of the wall. I’d never seen these type of things before, they were only 6 inches high. I surrounded them with a lasso of white light and they were pulled up and into the light. I don’t know why they were there or what they were, but I decided to tell the ladies only about the Buddy Holly looking spirit and nothing about the black crawlies.

I went up to the kitchen where the mom and daughter were and described the spirit to them and stressing that he was singing and dancing . I then asked if they ever played a lot of 50’s and 60’s music. The reaction was instant. The mom told me she taught piano lessons and there was music going on in their house every day. The difference was that she did not teach classical piano, she actually taught music from those 2 eras! It explained why he liked to be there and really enjoyed listening every day to their music. She said it felt sometimes like someone was sitting on the piano bench with her when she played. I told them that he would have also been dancing around them with the music playing. It seemed to make him less scary and more understandable.

He never meant to ever scare or bother anyone, he just wanted to perform, sing, dance, and be a part of something. Why he had never crossed over is a mystery, he never divulged that to me. The kooky spooky thing that happened as I was getting picked up from their house by my husband Ben in Nocturna, our black hearse, is the doorbell ringing. Thinking it was Ben, I opened their front door and looked out. There was no one there. Ben was sitting in the hearse waiting for me, but had never left the hearse. Even if he had tried to do it, he could never had run up to the door and made it back to the hearse in time in between the doorbell ringing and me opening the door so quickly.

It’s still a mystery I can’t answer.