His and Hearse

One of the hearses at the HearseCon in Denver

My husband Ben, friends Robb, Lynn, Marshal and myself, drove down to Denver Colorado to join in HearseCon. Robb had been there before and told us stories of fantastic looking hearses and interesting, crazy hearse people. We had to go!
It was a very good time had by all. The first afternoon was the meet and greet in a park where they played a game involving funeral flags. Later, we went to some unmentionable Mexican restaurant that was set up like an adult Chuckie Cheese but had way more “cheese” and you felt like doing a chuckie in the toilet. My stomach took a couple of days to recover. After supper we returned to the parking lot to gawk at everybody else’s hearse.
The next day it was breakfast at IHop restaurant which we don’t have in Canada. Yummy pancakes to pile on top of the bad Mexican food. Then it was show and shine at the parking lot of a popular lounge. 51 hearses showed up from around the US and 3 hearses from Canuck land.

Zach with his hearse Alexi and our hearse Nocturna

The next day was the wrap-up at Riverside Cemetery where we had a potluck picnic. It was a very relaxing time and of course I ate too much. I took at least 80+ pics at the cemetery and said goodbye to new friends. Promising of course, we would see each other next year.
The man who runs HearseCon is Zach – Zachary Helm from Engelwood, Colorado. He is a wonderful host and took us shopping on our last day there. I bought some great high heel zombie shoes.
The weather in Colorado was beautiful, and driving back to Alberta, we ended up being followed by a tornado and flash flood weather in Montana. But Nocturna drove great and we returned safe and hearse-obsessed.  You can view more HearseCon pics at this link:

Alexi on Fire


Barbara Ann

Oh bah bah bah bah Barbara Ann, take my hand, bah bah bah bah Barbara Ann. (Barbara Ann  Credits: Fassert, Fred (Songwriter); SONGS OF WINDSWEPT PACIFIC (Publisher)

That was the song this spirit was singing when I encountered him in a house where a mother and daughter lives. They had asked for a spirit removal because their TV was turning on and off by itself, things would mysteriously disappear, and they felt the spirit was watching them. There was some weird growling noises. Apparently the ghost also did not like them having closed doors in the house so they would pop open by themselves. Why doors would matter to a dead guy is very strange. Anyway, they were unnerved and wanted him gone.

I decided to go into the basement to see if I could get in touch with whomever had made itself at home.  I go into a meditative state and ask my spirit guides and my angels to protect me and help me send the spirit into the light.

Very quickly I saw the spirit of a tall man, black curly hair in a pompadour-like style, huge smile with large teeth, white socks, loafers, tight black pants and a plaid jacket. He was singing “Barbara Ann” and dancing on the spot. I could see he wasn’t a malicious spirit and he was there because of something in the house that had to do with 50’s-60’s music. I spoke to him and told him he needed to go into the light that was opening up to him. He remarked “Oh, that’s so bright!” He slicked his hair back and adjusted his outfit and danced into the light.

I thought that went rather well when all of a sudden these 4 crawly black imp things came out of the wall. I’d never seen these type of things before, they were only 6 inches high. I surrounded them with a lasso of white light and they were pulled up and into the light. I don’t know why they were there or what they were, but I decided to tell the ladies only about the Buddy Holly looking spirit and nothing about the black crawlies.

I went up to the kitchen where the mom and daughter were and described the spirit to them and stressing that he was singing and dancing . I then asked if they ever played a lot of 50’s and 60’s music. The reaction was instant. The mom told me she taught piano lessons and there was music going on in their house every day. The difference was that she did not teach classical piano, she actually taught music from those 2 eras! It explained why he liked to be there and really enjoyed listening every day to their music. She said it felt sometimes like someone was sitting on the piano bench with her when she played. I told them that he would have also been dancing around them with the music playing. It seemed to make him less scary and more understandable.

He never meant to ever scare or bother anyone, he just wanted to perform, sing, dance, and be a part of something. Why he had never crossed over is a mystery, he never divulged that to me. The kooky spooky thing that happened as I was getting picked up from their house by my husband Ben in Nocturna, our black hearse, is the doorbell ringing. Thinking it was Ben, I opened their front door and looked out. There was no one there. Ben was sitting in the hearse waiting for me, but had never left the hearse. Even if he had tried to do it, he could never had run up to the door and made it back to the hearse in time in between the doorbell ringing and me opening the door so quickly.

It’s still a mystery I can’t answer.