His and Hearse

One of the hearses at the HearseCon in Denver

My husband Ben, friends Robb, Lynn, Marshal and myself, drove down to Denver Colorado to join in HearseCon. Robb had been there before and told us stories of fantastic looking hearses and interesting, crazy hearse people. We had to go!
It was a very good time had by all. The first afternoon was the meet and greet in a park where they played a game involving funeral flags. Later, we went to some unmentionable Mexican restaurant that was set up like an adult Chuckie Cheese but had way more “cheese” and you felt like doing a chuckie in the toilet. My stomach took a couple of days to recover. After supper we returned to the parking lot to gawk at everybody else’s hearse.
The next day it was breakfast at IHop restaurant which we don’t have in Canada. Yummy pancakes to pile on top of the bad Mexican food. Then it was show and shine at the parking lot of a popular lounge. 51 hearses showed up from around the US and 3 hearses from Canuck land.

Zach with his hearse Alexi and our hearse Nocturna

The next day was the wrap-up at Riverside Cemetery where we had a potluck picnic. It was a very relaxing time and of course I ate too much. I took at least 80+ pics at the cemetery and said goodbye to new friends. Promising of course, we would see each other next year.
The man who runs HearseCon is Zach – Zachary Helm from Engelwood, Colorado. He is a wonderful host and took us shopping on our last day there. I bought some great high heel zombie shoes.
The weather in Colorado was beautiful, and driving back to Alberta, we ended up being followed by a tornado and flash flood weather in Montana. But Nocturna drove great and we returned safe and hearse-obsessed.  You can view more HearseCon pics at this link:

Alexi on Fire